The 2021 United States Open Championship will be the 119th U.S. Open
17 – 20 June at La Jolla, California
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Discover Key Facts About the US Open Players

Many of the US Open players have become legendary names throughout recent history. Golf has become increasingly popular, with more professionals coming up each year. While it has generally been referred to as the sport of the rich, many people, including the not-so-well-off are actively playing the game. It is, after all, the gentleman’s game.

Name Birthday Country Best results in major championships Web-site
img_players_Dustin-Johnson_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Dustin Johnson Analysis Born on 1984/06/22 at Murcia United States Masters Tournament T4: 2016, U.S. Open Won: 2016, The Open Championship T2: 2011, PGA Championship T5: 2010 Visit site
img_players_Adam_Scott_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Adam Scott Born on 1980/07/16 at Adelaide, South Australia, Australia Australia Masters Tournament Won: 2013, U.S. Open T4: 2015, The Open Championship 2nd: 2012, PGA Championship T3: 2006 Visit site
img_players_Alex-Noren_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Alexander Noren Analysis Born on 1982/07/12 at Stockholm, Sweden Sweden Masters Tournament CUT: 2017, U.S. Open T51: 2011, The Open Championship T9: 2012, PGA Championship T34: 2011 Visit site
img_players_Brooks_Koepka_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Brooks Koepka Analysis Born on 1990/05/03 at West Palm Beach, Florida United States Masters Tournament T11: 2017, U.S. Open T4: 2014, The Open Championship T10: 2015, PGA Championship T4: 2016 Visit site
img_players_Charl_Schwartzel_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Charl Schwartzel Analysis Born on 1984/08/31 at Murcia South Africa Masters Tournament Won: 2011, U.S. Open 7th: 2015, The Open Championship T7: 2014, PGA Championship T12: 2011 Visit site
img_players_Henrik-Stenson_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Henrik Stenson Analysis Born on 1976/04/05 at Gothenburg, Sweden Sweden Masters Tournament T14: 2014, U.S. Open T4: 2014, The Open Championship Won: 2016, PGA Championship 3rd/T3: 2013, 2014 Visit site
img_players_Hideki-Matsuyama_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Hideki Matsuyama Analysis Born on 1992/02/25 at Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan Japan Masters Tournament 5th: 2015, U.S. Open T10: 2013, The Open Championship T6: 2013, PGA Championship T4: 2016 Visit site
img_players_Jason-Day_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Jason Day Analysis Born on 1987/11/12 at Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia Australia Masters Tournament T2: 2011, U.S. Open 2nd/T2: 2011, 2013, The Open Championship T4: 2015, PGA Championship Won: 2015 Visit site
img_players_Jon_Rahm_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Jon Rahm Analysis Born on 1994/11/10 at Barrika, Spain Spain Masters Tournament T27: 2017, U.S. Open T23: 2016, The Open Championship T59: 2016, PGA Championship DNP Visit site
img_players_Jordan-Spieth_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Jordan Spieth Analysis Born on 1993/07/27 at Dallas, Texas, U.S. United States Masters Tournament Won: 2015, U.S. Open Won: 2015, The Open Championship T4: 2015, PGA Championship 2nd: 2015 Visit site
img_players_Justin_Rose_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Justin Rose Analysis Born on 1980/07/30 at Johannesburg, South Africa England Masters Tournament 2nd/T2: 2015, 2017, U.S. Open Won: 2013, The Open Championship T4: 1998, PGA Championship T3: 2012 Visit site
img_players_Tyrrell_Hatton_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Tyrrell Hatton Born on 1991/10/14 at Murcia England Masters Tournament CUT: 2017, U.S. Open DNP, The Open Championship T5: 2016, PGA Championship T10: 2016 Visit site
img_players_Justin_Thomas_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Justin Thomas Analysis Born on 1993/04/29 at Louisville, Kentucky United States Masters Tournament T22: 2017, U.S. Open T32: 2016, The Open Championship T53: 2016,PGA Championship T18: 2015 Visit site
img_players_Matt_Kuchar_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Matt Kuchar Analysis Born on 1978/06/21 at Winter Park, Florida United States Masters Tournament T3: 2012, U.S. Open T6: 2010, The Open Championship T9: 2012, PGA Championship T7: 2015 Visit site
img_players_Patrick_Reed_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Patrick Reed Analysis Born on 1990/08/05 at San Antonio, Texas United States Masters Tournament T22: 2015, U.S. Open T14: 2015 , The Open Championship T12: 2016, PGA Championship T13: 2016 Visit site
img_players_Paul_Casey_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Paul Casey Analysis Born on 1977/07/21 at Murcia England Masters Tournament T4: 2016, U.S. Open T10: 2007, The Open Championship T3: 2010, PGA Championship T10: 2016 Visit site
img_players_Phil_Mickelson_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Phil Mickelson Analysis Born on 1970/06/16 at San Diego, California United States Masters Tournament Won: 2004, 2006, 2010, U.S. Open 2nd/T2: 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2013, The Open Championship Won: 2013, PGA Championship Won: 2005 Visit site
img_players_Rickie_Fowler_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Rickie Fowler Analysis Born on 1980/12/13 at California United States Masters Tournament T5: 2014, U.S. Open T2: 2014, The Open Championship T2: 2014, PGA Championship T3: 2014 Visit site
img_players_Rory-McIlroy_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Rory Mcllroy Analysis Born on 1989/04/05 at Northern Ireland, United Kingdom Northern Ireland Masters Tournament 4th: 2015, U.S. Open:Won: 2011, The Open Championship Won: 2014, PGA Championship Won: 2012, 2014 Visit site
img_players_Sergio_Garcia_150-×-193 2020 US Open Golf: Sergio Garcia Analysis Born on 1980/01/09 at Spain Spain Masters Tournament Won: 2017, U.S. Open T3: 2005, The Open Championship 2nd/T2: 2007, 2014,PGA Championship 2nd/T2: 1999, 2008 Visit site

The US Open Field & The US Open Players: Key Facts

In the golf calendar, there are 4 major tournaments that all professional golfers want to win a title to. These are the Masters Tournament, the U.S. Open, the Open Championship, and finally, the PGA Championship. All these carry coveted honor and a huge reward. It is for this reason that golfers all over the world train hard to participate in this competition and try to win at least one Major trophy from the listed tournaments.

The 2021 U.S Open Tournament is just around the corner and many are looking forward to it, fans and US Open amateur players alike. It has been scheduled for mid-June, running for 4 days from June 15th to 18th. The tournament presents and opportunity for amateurs to make a name for themselves and for veterans to solidify their dominance in the sport.

To compete in this event, you have to meet the requirements set out by the organizing body, the United States Golf Association (USGA). The qualification rounds are strict qualifiers that serve to differentiate the professionals from the amateurs and it ensures that only the best golfers are allowed to compete for the coveted prize. US Open seeded players then go on to compete in one of the greatest tennis competitions out there. This is perhaps why a lot of skills and talent are usually displayed in the U.S Open tournaments.

Last year’s edition saw many US open golf participants fight for the title at the Oakmont Course. The winner of the 2016 edition of the U.S. Open Championship was Dustin Johnson, who was followed closely by 4 pros tied in at number 2, and these are Jim Furyk, Scott Piercy and Shane Lowry. The U.S. Open Tournament is considered a challenge to many golfers because of the tough courses it is usually played in. Last year’s edition was hosted in Oakmont, which was pretty tough. This year’s event has been scheduled to take place in Erin Hills Country Club, the first ever tournament to be hosted in Wisconsin.

The 2021 US Open Player List Welcomes Big Names

The 2021 U.S Open is expected to field both veterans and new pros to compete for the top honors in golf ranking. According to the Official World Golf Ranking, Dustin Johnson is the current number one. However, in the history of U.S. Open, only one golfer has managed to win the trophy while ranking at number one, and that is Tiger Woods. Even though Dustin Johnson is the current defending champion of the U.S. Open, we will see if the favors will be on him to win the tournament.

Some of the professional golfers expected in the US Open field include the defending champion Dustin Johnson, Jim Furyk, Scott Piercy, Shane Lowry, among others. The coveted cash prize fund for the event has been marked at $12 million, with the winner getting about $2 million!

In the first ever edition of the U.S Open, which was hosted in Newport, Rhode Island, the winner took home only $150 and the $50 gold medal. Today, there is a lot at stake and therefore, professional golfers have to bring in their A-game to guarantee a spot in the top 3 golfers. US Open golf player rankings have become a real battlefield.

Are You Ready For Massive Action?

Golf provides good sport entertainment, and fans are expecting to be served with top-class golf action in the upcoming US Open golf tournament field. Bettors are also waiting for the event to start so that they can make profits betting on the tournament. The odds given in most golf competitions are reasonable and one can make a good return if they implement good strategies for betting. All in all, the upcoming U.S. Open is just a dose of what the sport of golf can bring to the table.